Learning Classics is a bit like putting on a magic pair of 3-D glasses. Once you start delving into the language and the culture, you'll start to see it all around you. This blog is a record of the club's journey through the worlds and language of ancient Rome and Greece... and through modern times, too, searching for the influence of classics all around us. You'll also be able to find vocab, home tasks, links and generally enlightening info here, too.

20 June 2016

Lesson 25 - All together now

Since this was our last lesson before out end-of-year test, we spent the majority of it revising the language work we'd covered this year. And here it is:
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Work on your revision sheets demonstrated that your grasp of the language is getting better and better...


So, the following weeks look like this:

Friday 24th June (all day): trip to Museum of London
Friday 1st July: end-of-year test
Friday 8th July: INSET day, no school
Friday 15th July: Y9 taster Cambridge Latin Course lesson