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30 May 2016

Lesson 23 - Marvellous mosaics

I've come to four inescapable conclusions about mosaic-making, each confirmed again by today's session:

(1) It's almost impossible to make a mosaic without breaking into song. Jaszmine's grouting-themed lyrics were quite something.

(2) There's always someone who tries to eat a tessera (mosaic tile), thinking that they look like sweets/breakfast cereal.

(3) There's always one perfectionist in every mosaic class.

(4) For some reason, I can't remember the term 'tile cutters', and always end up calling them 'snippety-snips'.

Here is a selection of the amazing creations:

Earth and sun (Taiwo, I think)

Hannah's unicorn

Delina's Shrek

'A' for Ashantae

Shantay's owl 
Smiley (Ketsia)

Hassan's silver & gold pattern

'D' from Adrian

Rebecca's pattern