Learning Classics is a bit like putting on a magic pair of 3-D glasses. Once you start delving into the language and the culture, you'll start to see it all around you. This blog is a record of the club's journey through the worlds and language of ancient Rome and Greece... and through modern times, too, searching for the influence of classics all around us. You'll also be able to find vocab, home tasks, links and generally enlightening info here, too.

24 October 2015

Lesson 5 - OMGs

We came, we saw, we recapped our Latin grammar. And don’t forget, the nominative case is for the SUB-JECT, accusative is for the DI-RECT OB-JECT. Here’s that little earworm to burrow its way into your brains…

...and you can see how those nouns change depending on their role in the sentence on our grammar page

Next, one of the most interesting parts of Classical culture - the gods and goddesses. We opened up with a quiz to see just how much you knew about Zeus*, Poseidon et al. Then we explored the family tree of the gods. It’s interesting how many of the god myths explain natural phenomena (remember our lesson on the reasons for myths?). Here, for example, is the ancient explanation for the seasons, with Persephone’s annual departure to her husband’s home in Hades…

You can see more in-depth information about the Greek gods family tree here. Have a great half-term holiday, everyone, and don’t forget to visit the Classics Club Memrise module to help you learn your vocabulary.

*Hmm, about Zeus. Appears quite a lot in the family tree, doesn’t he? As Taj says, a bit of a player.