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20 June 2015

Testing times...

Test week. Enough said. But for any of you who wanted exactly to know what was going on in that scene of marital strife, here's the full translation:

Once upon a time two friends, Caecilius and Quintus, were walking to the temple...

Caecilius looks around the forum. "I'm starving. Have you got any bread?" asks Caecilius. Quintus says, "I don't have any. But look! It's a tavern! Here we can eat bread." The friends run to the tavern. They go into the tavern. Many Roman men are there."Do you love to eat" says a slave. "Bread? Fish? Wine?"

The two friends dine well. They drink a lot of wine. The temple is forgotten. Oh dear, soon the friends are sleeping in the tavern.

Suddenly, Cassia comes into the tavern. Cassia is Quintus' wife. Cassia is savage. Cassia is very angry.

"What the heck*, husband!" exclaims Cassia."Why were you not in the temple? I was working very hard in the house, and you were eating food, you were drinking wine. You are stupid, you are wretched, you are drunk! The gods punish wicked men!"

Caecilius laughs and quickly leaves. Wretched Quintus sobs.

(* or words to that effect!)