Learning Classics is a bit like putting on a magic pair of 3-D glasses. Once you start delving into the language and the culture, you'll start to see it all around you. This blog is a record of the club's journey through the worlds and language of ancient Rome and Greece... and through modern times, too, searching for the influence of classics all around us. You'll also be able to find vocab, home tasks, links and generally enlightening info here, too.

15 February 2015

Brilliant Bacchae

A double hit of Classics this week as we spent Thursday afternoon watching The Bacchae at the Bloomsbury Theatre, and Friday afternoon making masks inspired by the play.

The trailer led us to expect all kinds of drama...
The play was dark and brooding, full of sinister energy. Brilliant acting, dancing, costumes, set and music. If you want to see more about the staging of the production, watch this video:
The following day, we used our knowledge of the play to create masks for various characters: